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Digital Image Competitions

One of the most enjoyable benefits of joining NY-Photographers is entering your photos in "Digital Image Competitions." For each contest, winners may be awarded "Best in Show" status, as well as honors in three more categories. Here are the details about our current competition(s).

Name of competition: March 2016 Image Competition

Deadline for entering: March 1, 2016

Photo categories: Illustrative, Portrait or Candid

Fee: $5.00 to submit all images.

Number of entries: A total of 6 digital images (maximum 4 in any one category) may be submitted per member.

Image format: 16x20 at 100 dpi and must be a jpg. Save as quality 10. This does not mean that the image has to be 16x20, just the final dimensions. So you can border a 5x5 (which is the smallest image size allowed in competition) into a final image of 16x20 at 100dpi. Please put a 2pt white stroke around the entire image to separate it from the black background.September 2012 digital image competition

Names of images: When saving your image, please use the title name for each: Example: The Moon is Bright. jpg Your name must not be anywhere on the image.

Submitting Images: Please send images, in a zip file, (or submit any questions) to Rossi Ferriaolo at:

How winners are chosen:Click here to learn about the "12 Elements of a Merit Image">>

March 2016 Image Competition winners